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New LJ ! ! ! [Feb0206]

Yesterday was amaziiing. :D [Feb0206]
[ mood | crazy ]

Wow, fucking laughed my ass off all day around. Taco Bell was hysterical but it was nothing compared to that weird Chinese stationary/ restaurant/ lounge thing. We stayed around Saint Mark's after Catherine left for a few seconds, but then we went to explore. :D
We saw some head-seizure man playing guitar and being stared at by like 3 people. He was pathetic.
That kicked off the night, we went to 8th avenue to the Lab. That was cool, I tried on clothes and the woman that worked there told me about how Glenn Danzig made fun of her for wearing pink, lol. That was funny.
Afterwards, we went to the Chinesy place and shared a huge energy drink, we died laughing, it was insane. I think we were pissing off the staff.
Then we [having bought glowsticks at Freaks] went to Union and chilled laughing at nothing and waving glowsticks. Taking pictures for and of Mexicans and Danish got hit on by some creep on the way back to the train. Scary.

There was more but I won't keep typing.
I have a hamburger to eat. :]


Haha, oh shit. [Feb0206]
[ mood | ditzy ]

So I drank like two of those new Mountain Dew Energy Drinks in a row and I'm insane right now, I'm laughing at, like, everything, lol.
Plans for tomorrow? Nothing is certain.
YMHA interview Tuesday night. Kinda sucks, I hope they don't accept me, or something. Rich is home that day too, so it's pretty gay. I'll probably be doing homework that day.
Thursday, bleaching my whole head.
This weekend, up for grabs!
I need to meet up with Julia and Sherry (not Sherii) for the math project from hell.
I want to meet new people.
I want to go to shows.
I want to talk.


Half Moon Overlook. [Feb0206]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Julia and I found it today and took some pictures. I think we've found our new summer hang-out. It's pretty cool. Kinda weird looking.
Uh, what else?
He probably likes Julia, I'm like 99% sure, haha. I'm gonna find out.
I'm really bored, I just ate some cucumbers. :D
Madame Tussaud's this week, ASAP.
Something coming up in a few months, but it's nothing to sweat now.
I have a math project, and I have absolutely NO idea how to fucking do it. Seriously, I need a meet-up with Julia to do it. And I have a gobal and english thing too, but that's no skin off of my ass. :]
Um, anything else?
I'll be bleached by Thursday. I'm dieting on Monday until school too, so maybe the change will be visible.
Hopes are up, but I'm not relying on anything.
Including him. I know he's got his mind elsewhere.
No biggie, there's always better.


Shit. [Feb0206]
[ mood | crappy ]

Bleaching my hair this coming Thursday. That's a long fucking way away, I'm annoyed.
I have an English test tomorrow.
My mother saw McNamee, nothing she hasn't heard before.
So I haven't done homework in like a month. I'm fucked at a career.
I'm looking into something else besides forensic studies and crime scene investigation:

I'm having nachos for dinner.
And seeing Date Movie tomorrow?
We'll see.


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